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Welcome to “The Art of Virtual Realities” Network

Dive into a collaborative universe where creativity, technology, and storytelling converge.

As a pioneer in the realm of VR cinema, I invite you to be part of a dynamic network that celebrates and explores the art of virtual realities. Whether you’re an educator, aspiring filmmaker, art enthusiast, or VR aficionado, your unique perspectives and skills can help shape the future of this exciting medium.

For Educators and Researchers Discover how VR films can transform educational experiences and research. My work, crafted with a focus on storytelling and creative use of Blender, offers rich material for academic exploration. I encourage you to integrate these films into your teaching and research, and share how they inspire learning and innovation.

Aspiring Filmmakers and Students Embark on your filmmaking journey with insights into creating impactful narratives on a budget. Learn how mastering tools like Blender can unlock your creative potential. Join our network for resources, mentorship, and collaborative opportunities that fuel your artistic growth.

Artistic Cinema Aficionados, Journalists, and Curators Experience a new dimension of non-mainstream cinema through my VR films. Your support in promoting and finding new audiences is invaluable. Engage with us in discussions on how VR is redefining cinematic experiences, and help bring these unique stories to a wider audience.

VR Enthusiasts and Tech-Savvy Individuals Your expertise and passion for VR technology are crucial in expanding our network’s reach and impact. Share your technical knowledge, experiences, and ideas on how we can collectively elevate VR filmmaking.

Share and Remix with Creative Commons All my films are released under a Creative Commons license, encouraging creative remixing and broader use. Feel free to download, share, and repurpose my work in your projects, and let’s see how far we can push the boundaries of VR art together.

Resources at Your Fingertips Access my films, stills, and posters on ArtStation and delve deeper into each VR film’s world on FilmFreeway. These platforms offer a wealth of material for your exploration and enjoyment.

Get Involved and Make Connections Become an active part of this burgeoning community. Share ideas, collaborate on projects, or simply enjoy the diverse array of VR experiences we offer. Connect with me and let’s create a vibrant network dedicated to the art of virtual realities.

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All the films on my website have a creative commons license; except ”Exit”, "The Bitch downstairs”, ”ParadoxParadis”, and the documentary about Manusgruppen.     Read more about license


Stockholm, Sweden

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